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The ukulele is a BRILLIANT first instrument for young and old and probably one of the most fun and accessible instruments on the planet! Once you pick it up you'll be hooked! Even if you have absolutely NO musical background whatsoever, it doesn't take much to gain the confidence and skills necessary to start playing the songs you love. Since 2011, hundreds of people have started their ukulele journey with us and continue to experience the joy of making music every day!

Absolute Beginner Course

Our 4 week Absolute Beginner Ukulele Course is a great way to kick-start your ukulele journey and get the happiness factor that goes with playing one of the most enjoyable instruments of all time!

You will learn techniques including:

  • how to maximise sound tone and how to make your ukulele "sing"

  • how to read TAB notation and play basic melodies

  • different ways to strum with a variety of rhythmic grooves to make your music rock!

Advanced Beginner Course

Once you have the fundamentals under your fingers, you can move onto the 4 week Advanced Beginner Ukulele Course which has a strong focus on strumming and fingerpicking techniques to make your music more magical!

You will learn how to really get your rhythmic groove on by exploring:

  • A range of strumming & fingerpicking patterns from different musical genres

  • Interesting sound effects such as slapping & chunking!

Once you have completed this course, you can join our weekly sessions with the Lightly Strung Orchestra ukulele ensemble.

Intermediate Course

Our 4 week Intermediate Ukulele Course will continue to expand your musical knowledge and upskill your ukulele techniques.

You will learn how to:

  • navigate the musical alphabet and underlying keys

  • transpose music using a capo or underlying chord families

  • play more challenging and syncopated strumming  & finger picking patterns & techniques

Once you have completed this course, you are welcome to join our Lightly Strung Orchestra ukulele ensemble.

Making Music 4 Life Beginner Course
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Making Music 4 Life

What Our Students Say

"Janine & Jenny! Thank you both so much for continuing through Covid. Zoom certainly isn’t ideal but it kept us going and to get together yesterday and hear everyone playing together again was such a lift to the spirit. You have both put so much time and energy into making this happen. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Carie, LSO member since 2013

Making Music 4 Life Beginner Coursejpg
Making Music 4 Life ukulele students
Making Music 4 Life ukulele students
Making Music 4 Life ukulele students
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