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Ready to learn the happiest instrument on the planet??? You're in the right place.


Making music is a truly rewarding way to spend your time and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make music to feel great, regardless of age or ability. We are strong advocates for music education across the lifespan and extremely passionate about teaching music to adults who may never have had the opportunity to learn an instrument before.

We pride ourselves on delivering a clear and structured learning pathway to help you progress on your ukulele journey. This includes a variety of short foundation level courses, specialised workshops and ensembles to continue your development once you have gained some playing experience. We run weekly Lightly Strung Orchestra rehearsals plus monthly Uke-A-Holics Anonymous Sing & Strum social gatherings for those who really want to sing, strum and have a blast with ukulele friends!

Based on the hundreds and hundreds of people we have met on this ukecrazy journey, we know for sure that playing the ukulele can certainly "spark joy" in your life and connect you to some of the loveliest people you could ever meet!

So, join us! And experience for yourself why playing the humble (but MIGHTY) ukulele may just be the happiest instrument on the planet!

Uke on! Make music 4 life!

LSO Uke party

About Us

Since 2011, our team has had the privilege of teaching students one of the most enjoyable instruments of all time.


There is a definite "happiness factor" that goes with playing the ukulele as it can bring hours of endless fun, nurture your spirit and open up a whole new world of social connections with like-minded ukulele friends.

Join us on a ukulele course or ensemble - it's simply UKE-tastic and may inspire you to make music for life!

Making Music 4 Life

What Our Students Say

"Joining the LSO has been the highlight of my year and I can’t thank you, Jenny and Janet enough for introducing me to the ukulele, teaching me and embracing me into the LSO family."


Susie, LSO member since 2022

What We Offer

Making Music 4 Life - Beginner Ukulele Course.png

Ukulele Courses

We offer a variety of short courses for ukulele players of all levels! No musical background is required to get started on the happiest instrument on the planet!

Making Music 4 Life & The Lightly Strung Orchestra

Ukulele Ensembles

If you're looking for a regular dose of uke joy, look no further than our Lightly Strung Orchestra sessions and Uke-A-Holics Anonymous Sing & Strum Socials!

Making Music 4 Life - NBO 2.png

Special Events

We provide enrichment opportunities for all our students through speciality workshops & concerts from visiting artists. Check out what's coming up below!

Making Music 4 Life

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