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Copy of Green Fielz concert

As often as we can, we try to provide enrichment opportunities for all our students and the wider ukulele community.  We host special workshops and concerts with visiting artists and teachers from around the globe! If you know of a visiting national or international artist or ukulele teacher (or you ARE one yourself) who may be heading to Sydney, please let us know and we will try to arrange something for our Northern Beaches ukulele community!

Making Music 4 Life

What Our Students Say

Sally Carter Workshop & Green Fieldz Concert

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. Such a wonderful workshop… What a teacher!!! What a duo… very much appreciated was this opportunity. Now for the practise!”

David & Frances, TUGS Ukesters

Making Music 4 Life ukulele students
Ukulele Death Squad Workshop
Green Fielz concert
Wild Women of Anywhere Beach
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