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Jenny Massingham Level 2_edited.jpg

Jenny Massingham

Course Leader
Ensemble Leader
Left handed uke guru
Vocal Queen

Jenny is a stunning vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and fully accredited Level 3 ukulele teacher with the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) Teacher Certification Program. She has been teaching ukulele on the Northern Beaches since 2018.

Jenny is also a member of The Australian Ukulele Orchestra and performs regularly at ukulele festivals and events.

Jenny joined The Lightly Strung Orchestra in 2014. She has been a key mentor and teacher for newer members for many years, and for the past 4 years has also been a brilliant co-leader of the group. Jenny's enthusiasm and passionate quest for the LSO to continue during Covid is one of the main reasons the group made it out the other side relatively intact and we are all so grateful for that! 

In addition to her ukulele playing, Jenny is well known for her cracking vocals and performances. Her vocal training began when she was just 5 years old when she began singing and performing with the Sydney Juniors Talent Group! She is currently a member of the wonderful community of Hummingsong Choirs and performing with great joy and abandon!

Jenny is also classically trained on piano and violin and has taught the piano privately for over 15 years. Jenny also developed a passion for sharing music with children and ran Kindermusik classes for 15 years as well.

Jenny has been in a leadership role across our foundation and beginner level programs for the past 5 years and brings great warmth and joy to her sessions.


Jenny's teaching style is inclusive and very encouraging and her calm approach is often the yin to Janine's yang but when they combine forces and teach together it's so much fun! 

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