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Janet Raine

Course Leader
Ensemble Leader
Dress Up Queen

Janet is one of our most experienced ukulele players with a serious dedication to learning her craft. She has almost a decade of performance experience on concert/tenor and baritone ukulele and began teaching privately in 2022.


She has been a valued mentor and soloist in the Lightly Strung Orchestra since 2014. Janet also became a lead player in the The Australian Ukulele Orchestra in 2023.

Janet is a creative arts and recreational leader in aged care and regularly runs music reminiscence sessions on the ukulele in the aged care facility she works at.

We are super excited to officially welcome Janet to the Making Music 4 Life team in 2023.


Her dad once described Janet as "only having 2 speeds... stop and go fast". And we have no doubt you will find the enthusiasm and energetic spirit she brings to every session delightful!

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