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Our Absolute Beginner Ukulele Course

Learning to play the ukulele can be an incredibly fun skill to take on and can have such a positive effect on your health, well-being, and quality of life. Our 4 week intensive Beginner Ukulele Course is designed for players with limited or no experience and will set you up with skills and techniques that will enable you to play hundreds of songs and provide you with the confidence to continue your progress by yourself or with others.


Our Beginner Ukulele Course is an intensive 4 week program designed to kick start the ukulele journey for those that have never played the ukulele before or have limited experience.

In our experience, many "self-taught" students who have been playing for years often start at this level as they haven't spent a lot of time learning how to play with correct technique which affects the quality of sound produced.

You do not need to be able to read music to attend the Beginner Course. You will learn a little bit of music theory on this course which will be assumed knowledge for higher level courses.


We discover all the important parts of the ukulele and how to tune your uke as well as:

  • How to play in the "sweet spot" with correct playing technique that maximises quality sound production

  • An introduction to the musical alphabet and basic chord vocabulary 

  • A fundamental grounding in basic chords and common chord progressions

  • How to read simple chord charts and song sheets and where to obtain song material of interest to you

  • Different strumming techniques

  • An introduction to melody playing and TAB notation

  • A repertoire of popular songs from different musical genres 


The 4 week Beginner Course fee is $299.

This cost includes 4 x 2 hour lessons plus all course materials including a Course Workbook. 

There are no refunds or makeup classes for missed lessons. If there are exceptional circumstances whereby a participant is unable to attend the course for any reason, this situation can be discussed with the teacher and arrangements agreed upon.

Once a course has started, you are not entitled to a refund simply because you changed your mind. If you postpone your enrolment to a future course within 5 days of the start date, or after you have commenced a course, you will incur a $20 administration fee.


The Making Music 4 Life team is currently taking a much needed sabbatical and as such, no dates are scheduled for 2024.

Please note: By attending this course, you agree that you will not reproduce, replicate or redistribute any element of the course or materials provided, or content from our website or social media platforms, in part or in full for personal or commercial use. 

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Making Music 4 Life

What Our Students Say

"I absolutely loved these classes, plenty of fun energy, upbeat, a great pace and kept me engaged along the whole way. I was amazed how quickly I managed to pick up the concepts quickly. I've virtually had no musical experience prior so was a bit apprehensive that I may not be able to keep up." 

Pam, Beginner Uke student

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